IK9 is the consulting partner to industry…

…on all security from discreet surveillance to overt threat response and all search issues.

As our name suggests, dogs were our original specialisation and we continue to develop their use today.
But because dogs, excellent though they are, can only be one piece of the complex security ‘jigsaw’, IK9 has put together all the other pieces that make up today’s security picture.

IK9 meets the security needs of all; individual, workforce or installation.

IK9 can research, analyse and report on an installation’s current security position, then design and implement any required improvements. Equally, if brought in at a building’s planning stage, we can draw up a complete and integrated security system.

We can offer static guards, guards with dogs, or high-tech ‘trip’ surveillance or a mixed package of all three. If you currently only use a static guard approach to your security, you should consider what might be not only more rigorous security but also more economic answer to your guarding challenges.

No matter how secure you might feel, consulting IK9 will always give you best price, advice and added reassurance.

Security Dogs






Our professionally licensed handlers, together with our highly trained security guard dogs, make an unbeatable combination to protect your assets and interests.

“A Police dog is worth ten officers in a hostile environment.”
Quote – North Yorkshire Police.

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Mobile Patrols






Patrol 24/7 – Our mobile patrols can make timed or random inspections of property, externally or internally, all year round.
Open/Lock up – Mobile patrol can also secure, unlock and set alarms for you at the begining or end of the working day.

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Static Guards






At IK9, we provide a world standard security service, a security service that’s second to none. Our services are suited to both small businesses and multi-national companies, and we pride ourselves on the close relationships we have with our clients.

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Alarm Response






IK9 have developed a tried and tested alarm response strategy. We provide the quickest response to any alarm call and are trained to meet any on-the-ground situation we may encounter.

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We have trained CCTV Security advisors who can help you decide which package is right for you, either covert or deterent.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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FREE Survey


Our expert security anaylsts will visit your site, study and report on your security position, advising you on threats and weaknesses completely without any charge.

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