International K9 Consulting is committed to the protection of the public.

Ik9 is THE consulting partner on all security issues -  from discreet surveillance -  to overt threat response.


As our name suggests, dogs were our original specialisation and we continue to develop their use today. But, excellent though they are, dogs are only one element in the complex security ‘jigsaw’ and we’ve made it our mission to provide THE complete security service.

So, over the past five years we’ve grafted onto our skillforce and equipment all necessary security techniques and implements. IK9 now offer a modern, all encompassing security counter-measure and response service.

IK9 are now the complete security company and can meet all of your security needs be it an individual, a workforce or an installation.

Our areas of expertise include:-

  • Mobile Patrols
  • Keyholding
  • Dog & Handlers
  • Emergency Response
  • Security driving skills
  • Armed robbery prevention
  • Explosive device search and recognition
  • Physical and electronic counter surveillance
  • Conflict management and physical intervention

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